Feature | Premium | May 18 2019

Micky Ward – A warrior’s brain

On the anniversary of his first fight with Arturo Gatti, Micky Ward tells Tris Dixon that multiple displays of courage have permanently altered his brain
Micky Ward

MICKY WARD. Warrior? Brawler? Honest pro? Hardest worker in the room?

You think you know the man the Oscar-winning movie The Fighter was based on? You think you know about the boxing cult hero who shared three Fights of the Year with his great rival Arturo Gatti, or the man whose signature left hook to the liver gave 140-pounders around the world nightmares? The truth is we do not know him at all.

But we are going to learn. We are going to learn the price he paid for the fantastic wars he gave us. We are going to know the consequences of what he put on the line every night fans roared him on from ringside as he rallied in another wild battle. We will learn more, just not yet. And hopefully we won’t for many more years. But when the 53-year-old passes and neurologists start picking at his brain and spinal column to understand more about the cumulative effect blows to the head have on fighters, we will know everything.


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