Issue | Premium | Reports | Jul 15 2019

Micky Mills remains unbeaten

Micky Mills overcomes Chaudhry on a busy sporting day, writes Phil Sharkey from ringside
Micky Mills
Bedford • July 14

UP against a super Sunday of sport Mervyn Turner’s Shamrock Promotions bravely persevered with a four-bout card at the Corn Exchange.

Encouraged by his large cheering section of supporters, local unbeaten battler Micky Mills remained unbeaten and untroubled as he romped home 40-36. He gained the respect of the sometimes belligerent Blackburn journeyman Naheem Chaudhry with his non-stop pressure tactics that had Naheem’s nose dripping claret from the second round.

Another local, Mohammed Aziz, made a dream debut when a left hook had winless Brummie Uzzy Ahmed draped over the second rope after only 58 seconds. It was the first exchange of note.