Opinion | Mar 18 2015

Mickey Vann: The job of the referee is to protect the fighters, not give the fans the fight they want

The veteran official felt that Jean Pascal took unneccessary punishment against Sergey Kovalev
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I HAD a late night Saturday so I thought I would watch the boxing from the Bell Centre in Montréal.

I wanted to see Steve Cunningham – who I officiated a couple of times when he was at cruiserweight – versus Vyacheslav Glazkov. Some of the rounds were not easy to score and I was watching it on TV but I do think Steve was hard done by. I gave him the first four rounds, the sixth, the eighth, and the last one, and then I watched it again. It wasn’t the best of fights to watch but I didn’t think it was a fight where I would have been four or five rounds off what the judges saw.

But Jean Pascal versus Sergey Kovalev was the one I wanted to see. Pascal had a good first two rounds then took a lot of punishment in the third round and had to take a count near to the end of it after being punched through the ropes. The fourth round was close to being a 10-8 round but all credit to Pascal for surviving, because then he had a good fifth which he won for me, although he scored well he couldn’t put a dent in Kovalev’s armour.


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