Opinion | May 25 2015

Mickey Vann: So I took my teeth out and handed them to Marcus McDonnell to clean

What happens when a load of British referees land in Montreal? Mickey Vann reveals all about the lighter side of the IBF convention

WELL, I had to go to Montréal last week for the IBF convention – this is something all of the officials must do to obtain appointments and keep ahead with what is going on and, of course, it is also a public relations job.

I left from Heathrow with referees Marcus McDonnell, Steve Gray, and Howard Foster. It started off on the wrong foot when my electric toothbrush in my hand luggage decided to start vibrating and bought a few uncomfortable moments with security. We arrived at the hotel the following morning, and when we entered the hotel Marcus started shouting “Randy! Randy!” at someone he presumed to be former heavyweight, Randy Neumann. It so happened that it was John Williamson, the BBBof C representative from Ireland. The mistaken identity made me wonder how Marcus manages to referee without his glasses on.

Steve Gray was supposed to be staying in another hotel with Howard Foster, but made a rick with the booking and poor Howard was left without a hotel or a bed to sleep in so he ended up sleeping on our floor. Dave Parris and Phil Edwards were coming a couple of days later, and Howard was then going to share with Dave.


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