Opinion | Sep 10 2014

Mickey Vann praises Carl Frampton but questions Kiko Martinez’s tactics

Vann breaks down the Belfast bill and highlights some officiating mistakes
Carl Frampton
Carl-Frampton  |  Amanda Westcott/Showtime

A REALLY good performance from Carl Frampton to take the IBF super-bantamweight title from Kiko Martinez.

Carl kept his cool, and I imagine was boxing to strict orders from his team, which must have been very, very hard with all the thousands of fans urging him on and wanting him to stand and have a tear up. Kiko, on the other hand, seemed to have a strange game plan which looked like, keep moving forward, don’t throw many punches, have a  wild swing  now and again and hope Mother Superior is smiling down on you. Well she wasn’t on Saturday night and none of the judges were either. I got a sight of the American judge, Dennis Nelson,  he was in shrouded with overcoats and looked frozen but got it right on the night.

I like the super-flyweight fight between Jamie Conlan and Jose Estrella, I thought Estrella put in a fine performance, always competitive and gave Conlon some rocky moments. In fact, I thought the fifth round was won by a mile for Estrela and had I been a judge I would have scored that round 10-8 in his favour.


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