Opinion | Feb 04 2015

Mickey Vann: Mikkel Kessler was a great fighter and a gentleman too

Mickey Vann discusses Mikkel Kessler's retirement, Carl Froch's options, and Kevin Mitchell's world title prospects
Mikkel Kessler

CARL FROCH has decided to give his IBF super-middleweight belt up, and I think he has taken the right action.

I know he had to fight James DeGale next to keep his title, as he is the mandatory, but Carl is, as we all think we know, thinking of calling it a day soon and would like a big fight or two to finish on. James is not the superfight worldwide, and I am not sure it is the superfight in Britain or anywhere else in the world, and it’s certainly nothing to match Froch versus George Groves. Styles make fights and DeGale – to be brutally honest – is not one of those styles.

Based on my own somewhat wayward instinct, if I was Carl and I had looked after my earnings in the ring, I would follow my dream even if British promoters dangled a mighty big carrot under my nose. I would go to the United States where he is also a big name and fight Julio Cesar Chavez Jnr, then after hopefully beating him, have one last hurrah against Bernard Hopkins. Let DeGale, Groves, Felix Sturm and all the rest fight it out between themselves as he has been there, seen it, done it, and so on.


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