Opinion | Mar 31 2015

Mickey Vann: Kell Brook was impressive but Jo Jo Dan no yardstick for Amir Khan

Brook was flawless but it's still a huge step to Khan, writes Mickey Vann

WELL, Kell Brook disposed of the outclassed Jo Jo Dan.

The IBF No.1 rated Jo Jo was not of the class expected of a top contender. He was devoid of ideas, amateurish with his wide stance and style, and had very little idea of how to work his way in to distance. Instead he just launched himself forward, missed with what he threw, and grabbed hold of Kell to survive.

There were only two pluses that I could say about him. The first was he had a lot of guts after visiting the canvas on numerous occasions, and the other was to his corner for pulling him out of the torture he was having to endure. There is a lots of speculation about Brook fighting Amir Khan and of course Kell called him out after this near faultless performance but to be fair Jo Jo was not even sparring partner material, and we can’t gauge anything from it as a yardstick to his ability to beat Khan.


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