Opinion | Mar 10 2015

Mickey Vann justifies saying Chris Eubank Jnr is more exciting than his father

Mickey Vann is a believer in Junior and Zolani Tete, but does not give Tommy Chance any chance whatsoever against Luke Campbell

IN this column last week I said that Chris Eubank Jnr was a more exciting fighter than his dad, the original Chris Eubank. Well, that proved to be a controversial thing to say.

A large percentage of the comments were letting me know that Eubank Jnr wasn’t as good as his old man, and didn’t have the power of his old man. I don’t know if he has the power, but that doesn’t make him a less exciting fighter – his dad would fight in spurts and go walkabout, Junior does less walking about and throw punches for longer periods. We are not sure whether he has a concussive punch but the power he does posess leaves you waiting for the Goodnight Vienna pill.

Isn’t it strange how most of the nation hated his dad and couldn’t wait for him to be beaten, and then, when he was, everyone was suddenly in his corner. Now Junior is working his way up the ladder and the majority are back disliking his dad for his antics in his son’s corner.


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