Opinion | Jul 08 2015

Mickey Vann explains why he didn’t rescue Jamie Conlan in Dublin

Jamie Conlan was allowed to fight back and claim victory. The referee of the contest explains why

I WAS in Dublin at the weekend for the Queensbury and MGM promotion at the National Stadium, where I refereed Jamie Conlan against Junior Granados from Mexico, and Steve Gray from Fleetwood refereed Tommy Langford against Julio Cesar Avalos.

Lately there seems to be a witch hunt on officials that make errors as they are an easy target. I was a judge for Gray’s contest (I was impressed with Langford, he is not the finished article but he’s getting there) and when Steve halted the fight against Avalos my first reaction was that it was maybe a fraction early. However, watching Avalos walk back to his corner with the aid of Steve and the corner man I realised it was a great call from the referee. It brought back memories of Howard Foster’s call in the first Carl Froch-George Groves fight when everyone crucified him. He has since been proved right, after Groves admitted he felt worse after that fight, than he did following the clean knockout in the rematch. You have to be there, up close, and make that split second judgement for which Howard has now been exonerated.

I also received some criticism on the fight I refereed, with suggestion that I should have rescued Jamie Conlan while he was under fire following two knockdowns. One of the discerners said that Junior threw 60 punches, and that might be true, but I was on top of the action, and if my memory serves me correctly, only three of those punches hit the target as Conlan was swaying up, down, left and right and the rest of the leather that was thrown landed on the arms and gloves. If a fighter is hurt, his first reaction is to grab hold of his opponent for all he is worth and try to buy some time. Conlan was focused and saw everything coming, when all is said and done this is what our sport is about; the noble art of self defence.


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