Opinion | Mar 24 2015

Mickey Vann: Boxing commentators must be careful not to mislead their audience

Mickey Vann examines the case of the standing eight count
Juergen Braehmer

I THOUGHT I would watch Juergen Braehmer versus Robin Krasniqi for the WBA light-heavyweight championship at the weekend.

Braehmer is 36 years old, had great footwork, use of the ring, and he mainly counter-punched but when Krasniqi hit him with a good shot he went on the offensive and replied in kind. Juergen takes a shot well but does have a tendency to drop his left hand when jabbing with his southpaw right hand which invites a left hook over the top.

Up to the stoppage at the interval before the 10th round I could only give Krasniqi the fourth and the seventh round. Commentator Jim Watt said the champion was looking uncomfortable in the eighth, when Krasniqi put the pressure on, but I thought he was totally unfazed and when the challenger decided to be more attack-minded, Braehmer punished him even more. Jim said he couldn’t understand why Jurgen didn’t go on the attack more, well the man’s 36 years old he wants some rounds under his belt and why fix something that’s not broken? Then in the ninth Jim couldn’t understand why referee Tony Weeks administered a mandatory eight count when Krasneqi fell back into the ropes from some more thunderous lefts just because he wasn’t hanging over them. Well, the rule says if the ropes save you from going down a mandatory eight count is administered. In this case, the ropes not only stopped him from going down they stopped him from landing in the eighth row.


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