Opinion | Feb 10 2015

Mickey Vann: Beating Michael Spinks was NOT Mike Tyson’s best performance

Mickey Vann also looks at Brian Rose's return and weighs up Derry Mathews' chances of winning the world title

BOXING NEWS last week were asking what Mike Tyson‘s best and worst performances were.

I was surprised to see that three members of the team placed his demolition of Michael Spinks as his best performance when Michael was only a blown up light-heavyweight. Although he was world champion at that weight, and a good one at that, we all know that a good big ‘un will always beat a good little ‘un. Probably the two greatest light-heavyweights were Archie Moore and Bob Foster and we all know what happened to them when trying to capture the heavyweight championship of the world.

In the same issue I turned over to the next page of our Boxing News and there was Brian Rose telling all and sundry that he had finished with domestic level fights two years ago. Brian is quoted as saying he is using that defeat to Demetrius Andrade as a learning curve. Well if I had ever taken a beating like he’d taken in his foray into world level I would have had a massive re-think and got back to domestic level and learn my trade all over again. The wording in the article was that he was unsuccessful in his challenge against the WBO’s champion Andrade, the only thing Brian was successful at on that fateful night was his ring walk to the fight. The rest is best forgotten, and if he beats Carson Jones, who incidentally is not a top ranked fighter nowadays, he needs to think about top domestic fights, because there are plenty of top British and European light-middleweights that need seeing to first.