Opinion | Feb 19 2015

Mickey Vann analyses the weekend’s controversial refereeing decisions

Vann has some sympathy for Stephen Ormond, and predicts trouble for Martin Murray and Paul Smith

I FELT sorry for Stephen Ormond losing his WBO European lightweight title by disqualification to Terry Flanagan.

Although he took it on the chin, and should have in all honesty retained his composure in, what I thought, a close contest. I can understand Ormond’s frustration as Flanagan used every opportunity to grab and hold Stephen and with Stephen being somewhat shorter, the head was always going to be an issue. I thought the referee Steve Gray was somewhat lax in his attention to the holding from Flanagan and if he had paid a bit more attention to this there may have been no need for a disqualification later on. Ormond may not have won the verdict, but such a conclusion would have been more palatable. It is a referee’s job to ensure the safety of the fighters and if necessary put in that extra yard to keep the action flowing.

I’m afraid Brian Rose’s statement in Boxing News last week – ‘I have finished with fighting at domestic level’ – has come back to bite him in the arse. I am not qualified to make too much of a comment on the stoppages, as I didn’t watch it live, but a good percentage of viewers were in agreement that the referee’s decision to call a halt was the right one, and with 10 unanswered punches landing from Carson Jones, I too would be thinking hard about jumping in to stop the fight.


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