Opinion | Dec 16 2014

Mickey Vann: Amir Khan has taken the hard road to the top and deserves shot at Floyd Mayweather

Kell Brook may well have world title but he can wait for Amir Khan superfight says Mickey Vann

I CAN’T believe it has been six years since I was sat at ringside as a judge when a body hit the canvas with a thud in front of me. Breidis Prescott retired to a neutral corner as Amir Khan struggled to his feet trying to work out which planet he was on, and I thought to myself ‘That’s another English hopeful up the pictures’.

Amir has had another couple of setbacks since then, gone down a different route, and although he is in some exciting fights I didn’t worry too much about missing them. But on Saturday night, or Sunday morning as it was, I decided to have a look at Amir as nothing else of note was on TV, and boy am I glad I did.

The fight was in Las Vegas, America. The judges were three Americans. The referee was an American, and the opponent, Devon Alexander, was American. All these factors against Khan, yet he went out brimming with confidence, relaxed, and in pristine condition. I thought Amir took the first five rounds, there was a slim case of him losing the sixth – it was a very slim case – but he got back to the job in hand and bar the eighth, which I thought was Devon’s last hurrah, the Englishman was in total control. At the end of the 11th it was clear Alexander was a beaten man.


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