Feature | Issue | Premium | Oct 14 2019

Blood and cuts – The life of Mick Williamson

Elliot Worsell speaks to esteemed cutsman Mick Williamson to find out about his career in the business of blood
Mick Williamson
Action Images/Andy Couldridge


It’s being coughed up and he doesn’t know why. All he knows is it’s somewhere in his chest, then in his throat, then on his tongue, and that he hasn’t yet learnt how to stop or control it. All he knows is this is not supposed to be happening. Not now, at 18 years of age. Not when training. Not when fit and healthy. Not before a fight has even broken out.

“I was lucky to have found out I had TB (tuberculosis) through boxing,” said Mick Williamson. “I was training and having chest pains and coughing up blood.