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Meet the Punching Preacher – Derrick Osaze

In his own words Derrick Osaze considers the boxing business and his own career
Derrick Ozaze
Ultimate Boxxer

I’M actually a youth pastor so I was officially ordained in March of last year. Funnily enough I was ordained the day after my second pro fight. I came down to London, had my second pro fight, went straight back to Nottingham for my ordination ceremony the next day on Sunday. That’s obviously a massive part of my life. It’s not a job or a paid role. It’s completely voluntary off my own back. My main task or responsibility is offering pastoral care to young members who come to our church.

A pastor who is an accountant and a pastor who is a doctor is not different to a pastor who is a boxer. A boxer is my profession. People say you’re going in there to hurt people and what not. Really and truthfully there’s no boxer who goes into the ring with the intention of hurting someone to the extent where they have suffered a life threatening injury or they couldn’t do the sport again. That’s never a boxer’s intention. My intention is not to hurt someone, my intention is to go and win. For me to win is to hit and not to be hit. It’s a competition, it’s a martial art, that’s the way I see it.

A Midlands Area title shot will probably now be the next thing and then we’ll push on from there and maybe look at the English, look at the British, but now just getting the longer rounds in.


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