Feature | Issue | Premium | Jul 11 2019

Meet Teofimo Lopez, the self-anointed saviour of boxing

Teofimo Lopez sits down with Declan Taylor to explain 'The Takeover'
Teofimo Lopez
Mikey Williams/Top Rank

“I’M TALKING about a career that will go down as one of the greatest ever,” Teofimo Lopez says without a hint of intended hyperbole. “That’s my goal. That has to be my goal.”

It is now 16 years since he was anointed the “Golden Child” by his father, Teofimo Snr, and it is as if the Brooklyn-born lightweight has been living on fast forward ever since.

The story goes that the old man, a decent footballer and wannabe boxer, was making ends meet by working as a limousine driver and would often take his youngest son with him to train. One afternoon, he left the kid inside the gym as he attempted to find a space big enough for the lengthy vehicle.