Feature | Sep 02 2017

Maxi Hughes and the eternal slog of boxing in the real world

Ahead of crucial outing, Maxi Hughes tells Shaun Brown about the struggles that the public don't see
Maxi Hughes
Josh Warrington v Dennis Tubieron WBC International Featherweight Title & WBC Featherweight Title Eliminator  |  Action Images/Craig Brough

“It’s not all fast cars and Mayweather-McGregor.”

ONE week after a Las Vegas circus, boxing returns to its own normality around the world this weekend. From the Guillotine Boxing Club in Queensland, Australia to the Doncaster Dome in England men and women will lace up the gloves for our entertainment and more importantly to make ends meet.

Maxi Hughes (16-3-2, 2 KOs) is no different. Cut from honest Yorkshire cloth, the 27-year-old is pressing the restart button on a dream to win a British title.