Feature | Jul 04 2014

Mauricio Sulaiman exclusive: The WBC has never accepted money to improve a fighter’s ranking or fix a fight.

Matt Christie sits down with Mauricio Sulaiman, the new president of the WBC, who answers questions about their policies, multiple world titles, and that enduring issue of corruption in boxing.

You have recently been elected as President of the WBC following the death of your father. What are your immediate priorities?

Continuity is our thinking. This has been a very strange and difficult time to go from a family situation to an organisation situation. It’s a confusing time but I will always be the son of Jose Sulaiman and my main goal is to keep the name of my father alive and to carry out the same methods to make boxing better, and safer.

He had a great ability to adjust to the times. He would look for rules that made the most of the advancing technology, with replays, and open scoring. He left a variety of programmes running, and over the coming years we will follow that path.