History | Dec 03 2014

Matthew Macklin: It’s been a long, hard career and I will make decision on my future in 2015

After a grueling loss to Jorge Sebastian Heiland in Dublin last month, Matthew Macklin has spent a week in Dubai. He is heading to New York this weekend for the David Lemieux-Gabe Rosado fight but remains uncertain about his own future in the ring, writes Tris Dixon

You’ve been down in the past. How much has the surprise loss to Heiland affected you?

I’ve taken it well, really. The way I look at it, it’s one of two things. Either I’m 32 and I’ve been involved in some hard fights and hard training camps and I don’t have the same level of intensity or energy… It wasn’t a massive punch, it was just the pace, really. I was feeling the pace as early as the second; I felt tired. It’s either that, age or, more likely, I think I was just jaded. Going into the fight I thought I was in great shape and everything else but you don’t know until you know on the night. When I look back now it’s been a long, long year. It’s not just training in the gym, it’s good to be in the gym ticking over but I wasn’t ticking over, I was training for a fight. When you think boxers are training for a fight and they are training at that level of intensity all the time it’s not beyond the possibility that I was just a bit jaded. I’m not saying I overtrained for the fight because I think I’m too long in the tooth for that, just maybe that I was jaded from a long year – or it’s because it’s been a long, hard career. I could see what was coming. It’s not like he was particularly slick or hard, it was just the energy levels.

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