Feature | Nov 20 2019

Mark Breland: Olympic gold medallist, world champion and the coach tasked with making Deontay Wilder a little less wild

Mark Breland was expected to achieve greatness but some would argue he fell a little short. He tells Matt Bozeat he fulfilled his promise and then some
Mark Breland and Deontay Wilder

FOR some people, everything isn’t enough. Mark Breland won Olympic gold and had two spells as WBA welterweight champion, but wasn’t, as it looked like he might be for a while, the new Sugar Ray Robinson.

“It was everybody else saying that,” Breland, a spindly box-puncher who stands a sky scraping 6ft 2ins, told Boxing News. “I was quiet, real quiet. I didn’t brag, didn’t say what I was going to do. But I had a lot to carry around.

“The other day, someone said to me; ‘I was disappointed when you lost.’ How do you think I felt? 


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