News | Sep 14 2014

Marcos Maidana: I didn’t bite Floyd Mayweather, I beat him!

Maidana pleads innocence over 'bite' and is proud of his performance, writes Matt Christie

FLOYD MAYWEATHER walked into the media centre at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas wearing sunglasses and a fat lip. Marcos Maidana was responsible for the change of face. All observers felt that Mayweather deserved the unanimous decision he claimed over the crazy slugger in Las Vegas but Maidana was not so sure.

“I did a terrific job,” said Maidana. “So many fighters couldn’t do what I did. I hurt him but they [previous Mayweather opponents] couldn’t do what I do. They couldn’t land a punch. I did enough to win, but what can I say? The judges like a runner.”

Mayweather called Maidana an “exceptionally dirty fighter” after an incident in the eighth round of their return left him spinning away in pain. Replays were inconclusive, but the challenger’s mouth appeared to tighten around Floyd’s left glove. Mayweather exhibited wounded fingers to reporters while Maidana nonchalantly denied all charges.


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