Manny Pacquiao lists the best opponents he’s fought

Manny Pacquiao
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'I will finish this business with Adrien Broner on January 19,' warns Manny Pacquiao

FILIPINO icon Manny Pacquiao has had a glorious career. He has fought some legends of the sport. He rates the best as: “I think my top opponents are Oscar De La Hoya, Juan Manuel Marquez, Marco Antonio Barrera, Miguel Cotto, Floyd Mayweather, Erik Morales and Ricky Hatton.”

At 40 years old he is still going, next up is Adrien Broner on January 19. “Broner is not a tune up fight,” he says. “He’s a former champion. He’s fast, he moves fast and he’s a good boxer. And that’s why I don’t want to talk about my next fight until we finish this. I finish this business against Adrien Broner on January 19.”

He has so far been unwilling to hang up his gloves. “I’m still passionate about the sport of boxing and boxing is my passion and that’s why I’m still here continuing fighting. I really love boxing and that’s why I’m always excited and preparing for my fight to be settled on January 19,” Pacquiao said. “I still have that killer instinct and the fire in my eyes is still there. That aggressiveness, the interest in this career is still there 100%. The speed, the power are still there.

“I’m not saying I’m going to predict for this fight. I will do my best and I look forward to this the same as the last fight. But no prediction, I will do my best with what we did in training camp.

Manny Pacquiao

“Talking about accomplishments, I really have accomplished what I want to accomplish in life. What I want to do is to maintain and stay at this level.”

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