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Malik Zinad crushes Michal Gazdik

Michal Gazdik wiped out in two by Malik Zinad. Simon Euan Smith reports from York Hall
Malik Zinad
Action Images/Adam Holt
Bethnal Green • October 12

BIG-HITTING Malik Zinad made an impressive London debut, crushing Slovakian Michal Gazdik in two rounds at York Hall. Libyan-born Zinad (based in Malta) came storming out for the second, slamming in both hands, until Gazdik collapsed on his knees in his own corner. Referee Lee Every counted him out after 33 seconds.

Gazdik didn’t do badly in the first. Zinad used his height and reach advantages to score with long jabs but Gazdik was happy to come inside – and when Zinad opened up, Gazdik hit back.  But Gazdik had no answer to Zinad’s second-round onslaught. It had been scheduled for eight.

It was Zinad’s 15th straight victory, the 13th inside-schedule – including quick wins in Cardiff and Glasgow.


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