Fitness | Training | Apr 26 2016

Magnificent 7 strength and power – The Goff’s Workout of the Week

The Goff presents a seven-exercise workout to hone a fighter's strength and power - both vital qualities - during training camp
Push pull workout
Strength and power  |  Radu Palicica/JP Boxing

STRENGTH and power. Kindred spirits rarely separated. Or so the philosophical Goff – top S&C coach Cameron Goff – says. This week, he shares an explosive strength and power workout that can be used in training camp three-four weeks out from fight night. It encompasses only seven exercises, illustrating, once and for all, that brevity really is the soul of fit.

NB: The first three exercises are focused on power and the load used should be around 50 per cent of bodyweight. The following three are strength-based movements and the load should be 60 per cent of bodyweight or more – basically the highest it can be while completing all the reps with good form. The final exercise should be loaded with 10 per cent of bodyweight. For all exercises, 90 seconds’ rest is recommended between sets, apart from in exercise seven.

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