Feature | Highlight 3 | Issue | Premium | Sep 17 2019

Lyndon Arthur: ‘My time is coming’

Promising light-heavyweight Lyndon Arthur is both intimidating and hard as nails. So it’s probably a bad idea to break into his car, writes Terry Dooley
Lyndon Arthur
Action Images/Reuters/Ed Sykes

YOU didn’t need to have audio on a video posted on Twitter earlier this year to know that the kid dressed up in a traditional Mancunian all-black scally outfit was terrified. The glistening trail of tears and snot told its own story as he put his hooded head down and whispered “I’m sorry, bro” to someone just off camera. His day probably started out as too many do for a teenager in the area of Moston: go out, meet up with some mates, and then cause a bit of trouble.

He must have assumed he had struck lucky when he broke into a decent looking car and began rifling through its contents. He was probably working under the assumption that if he was caught he would have a good chance of out-running the owner.

Sadly for him, though, the car was the property of light-heavyweight contender Lyndon “King” Arthur, 15-0 (12), who caught up to him before he could scatter and dragged him in front of a camera for a ticking off.


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