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Lose fat – 4 simple rules to help boxers burn the flab

Nutritionist Robert Seaborne explains how a fighter can lose fat without compromising their intense training regime, with 4 pieces of crucial advice

4. If in doubt, seek expert advice

THESE tips are all well and good. But boxers go through periods of extreme training intensity and often need to ‘cut weight’ in quite a short period of time. A lot of these techniques go against the traditional boxing culture, and can be hard to instigate. Therefore, it is advised that any professional or amateur boxer looking to maximise ‘fat burning’ to make weight and be in the best condition possible, consults with a Sports Nutritionist (preferably those registered to SENr). A Nutritionist will be able to apply these techniques, and more, in a safe, healthy and effective manner.

Robert Seaborne BSc (Hons), MS

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