Feature | Mar 07 2018

LONG READ Scott Quigg – No regrets

If ever a fighter was determined to get the best out of himself it’s Scott Quigg. Leaving Joe Gallagher and relocating in America with Freddie Roach was not a decision taken lightly. The featherweight explains the reasons for the switch to Terry Dooley
Scott Quigg
Scott-Quigg  |  Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

FOR the dilettantes who dabble in boxing as a hobby, retirement from our full-time “day jobs” is a distant land, and one that is moving further and further away under austerity. It’s a place where we will stop to draw breath for what will probably seem like a few moments before old age and infirmity come creeping in.

For boxers, though, retirement happens early, sometimes suddenly. Still relatively young men and women, they are left staring into an abyss of years with their first, defining calling now behind them. In many cases they end up tumbling into a chasm of regrets: ‘Did I make the right decisions? Did I work hard enough? Was I true to myself?’

Scott Quigg, 34-1-2 (25), certainly will not enjoy retirement when it comes calling, he relishes training and fighting too much, but he told Boxing News that he has put measures into place to ensure that he does not look back wistfully on his career once it is over.