Feature | Apr 06 2016

LONG READ Jamie McDonnell: ‘I’ve never seen Tyson or Ali, boxing doesn’t interest me’

Jamie McDonnell speaks to George Gigney about his main source of motivation
Jamie McDonnell
Jamie McDonnell Press Conference

A PRIZEFIGHTER is someone who fights for money. The term does not allude to legacy or glory, not even a love for boxing itself – it is simply a profession. Jamie McDonnell is a prizefighter.

The 30-year-old has been boxing professionally for over a decade but in 2015 announced himself as one of Britain’s leading pugilists. He twice travelled to America to beat Japan’s highly touted Tomoki Kameda, both times successfully defending his WBA ‘world’ bantamweight crown, producing two of the most notable British away days in recent history.

Despite those feats, and numerous others before them including British, Commonwealth, European and IBF titles, the plaudits have not streamed in as one would think they might.


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