Fitness | Training | Dec 29 2019

Living the life outside of training camp

It's time to start thinking about getting back in shape. Fighting Fit spoke to a panel of experts about living the life outside of training camp
Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

What training do you like your fighters to do between camps?

TONY SIMS: I like them to just tick over. That means running a couple of times a week and doing little bits in the gym twice a week. 30-40-minute jogs to keep the weight off and then come down to do a bit of technical work – a lot of shadow-boxing and pad work. It’s a good time to work on getting technical stuff right.

TREVOR WITTMAN: Between camps I like them to mostly stay in the gym. I always say they should get one or two weeks off and get away from the fight game because it wears you down. Once we get back into the gym it’s usually three days a week at a much lower workrate. That’s the time when you get to work on new techniques.


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