Feature | Jun 28 2019

Liam Taylor: ‘After boxing, I’m definitely going full vegan’

He does yoga, triathlon, is going on a detox camp. And Liam Taylor expects to challenge for the British title. He speaks to Terry Dooley
Liam Taylor
Action Images/Craig Brough

WHEN Middleton’s Liam Taylor (21-1, 10 KOs) outpointed Tyrone Nurse over 10 rounds last November, to line up a crack at the British welterweight title, the 28-year-old was delighted with the verdict yet angry that it was a split decision rather than a unanimous one.

“Dynamo” felt aggrieved and let his feelings be known in the dressing room when someone said that it was a close fight in the eyes of some, this writer included, and that there were some close rounds. Wide-eyed, hyped up on adrenaline and, quite frankly, looking a bit maniacal, Taylor came over to me and asked me for my verdict. I had scored it a draw, 95-95, so admitted that, half-expecting to be put on blast, only for Taylor to tell me that he respected my decision while disagreeing with it.

Looking back at the fight, it was a clear and handy win for Taylor so it made me wonder if, and no matter how hard we try, some bias, unconscious or otherwise, flavours how we score a meeting between someone who is unheralded and a former British champion who has been on Sky Sports and draws more water in the game.


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