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Liam Smith: My Diet

'Beefy' lives up to his name while Dr James Morton casts an eye over Smith's meals
Smith diet

I DON’T have a particular philosophy, I just eat clean and drink lots of water. My dad helps me and Callum [super-middleweight prospect and Liam’s younger brother], he sorts out our food every day. We use MuscleFood [sports nutrition company] now, so every morning my dad will ask us what we want out to defrost and he’ll get our dinner and tea sorted. He gets our meals ready for us for when we’re done in the gym.
Doctor’s orders
Although Liam suggests he hasn’t got a philosophy, the fact that he orders his food from a reputable company as well as having his dad take the lead in his food preparation already suggests he has good habits. Having said that, keeping a log of food intake alongside quality of training and rates of weight-loss could help to fine-tune his strategy.

It depends on what we’re doing that day, usually we just have porridge. We don’t have a set meal for breakfast every day, sometimes it will just be a protein drink and a protein bar, but it’s mainly porridge. Me and Callum will eat before training because it takes us about half an hour in the car to get to the gym so that gives us time to digest it.
Doctor’s orders
Porridge is a perfect breakfast given it is a good choice of carbohydrate though depending on whether he has it with milk or water, he could be lacking in protein at breakfast. This is important as our muscles need protein after overnight fasting and also to provide some amino acids for the morning training session. A whey protein drink is a useful addition though consuming three eggs (as an omelette, poached or scrambled etc) is also a convenient way of providing some vitamins and minerals.

On our way home we’ll call my dad and he’ll start cooking once we’re on the motorway. It can be a range of things for lunch. It used to just be chicken or fish but now we have things like ostrich steak with baby potatoes and some spinach. It will be things like salmon steak, tuna steak or poached chicken.
Doctor’s orders
These foods sound perfect to promote recovery from the gym and are a healthy blend of protein, carbohydrate, fat and vegetables.


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