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Liam Cameron says he will never forgive the “a**eholes” at UKAD for making an example of him

Commonwealth middleweight champion Liam Cameron tells Elliot Worsell that his boxing career is now over following a four-year UK Anti-Doping ban
Liam Cameron
Action Images/Jason Cairnduff

IN handing former Commonwealth middleweight champion Liam Cameron a four-year ban for traces (25 nanograms) of benzoylecgonine, a metabolite of cocaine, UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) have achieved their goal of making an example of him.

That would be their line anyway, the so-called hard line, though it’s hard to see how making an example of a boxer like Cameron will cause so much as a ripple in sewer water teeming with drug cheats, rich but morally bankrupt men in suits and backstreet doctors who specialise in guiding boxers on a dirty path to enhanced performance. Regardless, four years is the punishment, confirmed once and for all last Monday (January 6), and Cameron has now decided to cut his losses and retire.  

“I didn’t expect it at all,” Cameron, 29, told Boxing News. “I’m just being strong at the minute because that’s all I can do. I can’t let it get me down. I did that a year ago and I was in bed for four days. I was drinking all the time. I was depressed. I can’t let that happen again. I have to be strong this time. I’m going to have to get a job and my plan is to get a gym. But first I’ll have to save some money up to get some equipment.”


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