Feature | Premium | Oct 20 2019

How Lewis Ritson and Eddie Hearn hope to tempt Josh Taylor to Newcastle for a stadium fight

Lewis Ritson's next dream is a stadium fight with Josh Taylor for the world title. Speaking exclusively to the fighter and his promoter Eddie Hearn, John Dennen finds out how they plan to make it happen in Newcastle
Lewis Ritson
Action Images/Lee Smith

LEWIS RITSON sits back in an armchair, his feet up, legs stretched out. He has just completed a vicious 12 rounds with Robbie Davies, winning a gruelling but unanimous decision. Late in the night in Newcastle, as his changing room empties he is already beginning to formulate his next dream.

“I feel spot on. I feel alright,” he says cheerfully. “I was never hurt, never wobbled.

“We buzzed him in the first, with him being in close but then he seemed to be taking the shots a lot better after that. We thought it was going to be the other way round where I was going to be stronger on the inside and he was going to be better at range. But after four or five rounds it was we’re better at range and he’s quite a little bit stronger on the inside.