Don’t let training become a routine – get inspired with something new.

Training involves a number of elements and equipment such as punch bags, boots, speedballs, and handwraps. But, what are the lesser known bits of gear you can use to help you get into shape?

Here, we take a look at some of the different equipment Boxfit UK stocks to help you try something new.


These are really fun and are suitable for all levels of training – good for clubs and group exercises. A BOXABALL is a headband with a ball attached via an elastic rope. The rebound speed is realistic and will improve hand-eye coordination, reflexes and punch timing. As it’s a simple bit of equipment, it’s affordable and something you can easily fit in a gym bag.

Box Weave

Innovative and versatile, a box weave is an attachment for punch bags with 3 arms that’s simply fitted to a punchbag using a hook and loop strap. Made from PUV, they’re durable arms and secure once fitted, allowing you to work on upper body movement and timing. The attachments are really handy and easy to set-up, so  they’re perfect if you’re looking to alter your sessions.

Hykso Punch Tracker

A premium product, this wearable tech accurately tracks your hand movements with feedback on stats for speed, number, and type of punches you’re hitting. Worn under your wraps they’re comfortable and sweat proof and also has an app that logs your training. Users have reported after 3 months that they punch 6% faster, so whilst it has a high price tag, the results will speak for themselves.

Ken Mills, Owner of Boxfit UK, states, “We pride ourselves on having an extensive range of equipment, so boxers can use us as a high quality, one stop shop. You’ll always find a way to improve your skills with us and this is true whether you’re a pro or an amateur or just started off.”

To enquire about stock, please call 01708 320320 or email The team at Boxfit UK are on hand to help and you can buy online or at their store in Harold Wood, Romford, Essex.