Lennox Lewis strikes back at Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury
Lewis reminds Fury that respect is a two way street

LENNOX LEWIS has struck back at new heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury.

“I’m honestly at a loss. I just heard Tyson Fury calling me out again because I apparently ‘hate him and am jealous of him’. Neither are true and just when I thought we squashed anything between us, I hear his interview,” Lennox said on social media.

“It seems to me that Tyson Fury has a lot to say, except when he’s in my face. I had dinner with him the night before his win over Klitschko and it was all very cordial and the next day he even apologised for the things he’s said.

“I thought we were good so you can imagine my surprise to hear this interview today. I’m honestly not sure if he’s got two personalities or what.”

Lewis has called for respect to be shown. “Nonetheless, he’s done nothing for me to be jealous of nor do I hate him. I’m actually starting to think it’s the other way around. In my prime, I didn’t call out retired champions. In my era, we respected them. Ali is my idol. If he picked Holyfield or Tyson to beat me, he would still be my idol,” Lennox continued. “With the exception of Bowe, I’ve gotten along well, and shown plenty of love and respect, to all of my opponents, as well as the champions before me. This is how it’s done.

“For a man that has battled and fought very hard to get the respect he deserves, it’s seems to me that he missed the most important lesson … that it’s a two way street.”

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