Amateur | Issue | Premium | Oct 02 2019

Lauren Price: ‘Even though I won it, it was unbelievable’

European Games gold medallist Lauren Price speaks to John Dennen about taking on the very best in the world
Lauren Price
Action Images/REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko

THE stakes were high. Lauren Price was heading into the final of the European Games in Minsk, going up against Nouchka Fontijn, an Olympic medallist and at the time the best boxer in the middleweight division. It was not so long ago that Price was competing at welterweight. Here she was giving away height and weight against an elite opponent who had beaten her before. However the Welsh boxer insists she was unfazed.

“I’m a laid back person anyway, the most laid back person you’ll probably meet. I don’t really think about it, even when I’m obviously up against the big timers, to me it doesn’t matter who I’m in with. I’ll obviously give it my all,” Price told Boxing News. “If anything I felt like obviously she’s been world number one for I don’t know how long. She’s been Olympic silver medallist, she’s been around for years. I was the underdog going in there. To me, if anything, that’s better for me as well. I just thought I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. And it paid off.

“For me I just use my speed. I knew I was a lot quicker than her. Obviously the tactics for me were hit and move. She is strong and she’s bigger than me, she’s probably a stone heavier than me, but even when we were in close I still feel like I can hold my own with the 75 kilo girls.”