DANIEL DUBOIS has had a nervy wait this week for his opponent to appear. Richard Lartey was initially denied his visa but flew in from Ghana and just made it in time to weigh in to fight Dubois on Saturday (April 27) at Wembley Arena.

The Ghanaian with a 14-1 record did look in shape as he scaled 17st 3lbs Friday. Dubois was 17st 12oz and the unbeaten prospect will still look to make a statement after impressively halting a world title challenger Razvan Cojanu last time out.

But Lartey has previously warned, “Daniel’s opponents have been terrible. They have been feeding him baby food, now they are trying to feed him premium African steak – big mistake.

“People are saying Daniel is the next Anthony Joshua but they are wrong. It is me. I am the next Anthony Joshua and I will be champion, not Daniel.”

Daniel Dubois

On the undercard Lerrone Richards will fight Tommy Langford for the Commonwealth super-middleweight title. Lanford weighed 11st 13lbs 7oz, Richards was 11st 12lbs 13oz.

“I am just glad I have got this fight and it is time for me to shine. No excuses now. Serious business,” Richards said. “I am part of the ‘who wants him’ club. It is the sweet science style and people don’t want to fight.”

But he warns, “I think people underrate my punching power because I can hit.”

Full weights and running order:

Fight # 1 – 16:30 hrs
4 X 3 Minute Rounds International Middleweight Contest
SHAKIEL THOMPSON 11st 7lbs 4oz                      V                          11st 4lbs 1oz NELSON ALTIMIRANOFight # 2 
4 X 3 Minute Rounds International Super-Lightweight Contest
ALFIE PRICE 9st 7lbs 7oz                                        V                          9st 12lbs MICHAEL ISSAC CARREROFight # 3 
6 X 3 Minute Rounds Super-Middleweight Contest
UMAR SADIQ 12st 9oz                                              V                          12st 4lbs 14oz CHRIS DUTTON

Fight # 4 
6 X 3 Minute Rounds International Middleweight Contest
CAOIMHIN AGYARKO 11st 8lbs 10oz                  V                          11st 7lbs 13oz MARTIN KABRIHL 

Fight # 5 
4 X 3 Minute Rounds International Lightweight Contest
MOHAMMAD BILAL ALI 9st 10lbs 8oz                V                          9st 11lbs 15oz ANTONIO HORVATIC

Fight # 6 
6 X 3 Minute Rounds International Super-Welterweight Contest
HAMZA SHEERAZ 11st 9lbs 14oz                          V                          11st 3lbs 13oz LADISLAV NEMETH

Fight # 7 
6 X 3 Minute Rounds International Middleweight Contest
DENZEL BENTLEY 11st 8lbs 10oz                         V                          11st 8lbs 12oz PAVEL GARAJ

Fight # 8 
8 X 3 Minute Rounds Super-Featherweight Contest
ARCHIE SHARP 9st 7lbs                                          V                          9st 4lbs 9oz SERGIO GONZALEZ

Fight # 9 – 20:05 hrs
10 X 3 Minute Rounds
ZAK CHELLI 11st 13lbs                                           V                          11st 11lbs 5oz JIMMY SMITH
Fight # 10 
8 X 3 Minute Rounds International Super-Lightweight Contest
JACK CATTERALL 10st 6lbs                                  V                          10st 7lbs 10oz OSCAR AMADOR  
Fight # 11
12 X 3 Minute Rounds
LERRONE RICHARDS 11st 12lbs 13oz                  V                          11st 13lbs 7oz TOMMY LANGFORDFight # 12
10 X 3 Minute Rounds
SUNNY EDWARDS 8st 2lbs 12oz                             V                          8st 2lbs 6oz PEDRO MATOSFight # 13 
10 X 3 Minute Rounds 
DANIEL DUBOIS 17st 12oz                                      V                          17st 3lbs RICHARD LARTEY
Fight # 14 
4 X 3 Minute Rounds International Super-Bantamweight Contest
CHRIS BOURKE 8st 11lbs 5oz                                 V                          9st 1lb 2oz STEFAN SLAVCHEV