Feature | Premium | Jun 12 2019

Ladies and gentleman, meet the one and only Bobby Czyz

From poster boy to world champion to rehab, via dropping the F-bomb on Naseem Hamed and that claim about the Tabasco sauce, the story of Bobby Czyz is like no other
Bobby Czyz

NEW JERSEY’S finest, the indefatigable Bobby Czyz, did it his way by bagging two world titles (three if you include the lesser-known WBU super-cruiserweight belt, and you really shouldn’t, but he does). Over an 18-year career, he stepped into the fire of battle to tough it out against the biggest names from light-heavy to heavyweight. Here, he talks about the early days, when he was a “Matinee Idol”, right through to the end of his career as a heavyweight and beyond – when accusations of alcoholism blighted his reputation.

THIRTY years ago, boxing writer Nigel Collins asked, ‘Is Bobby Czyz the next all-American hero?’ What do you say now?

I didn’t think I was boxing’s next prince, but I was a little bit of an enigma because being a member of Mensa and having a genius IQ, most people don’t become fighters. Fighters are not necessarily stupid or punch-drunk, but notoriously under-educated.