YET another top-notch product from KRONK is this sport-fit maroon t-shirt.

Soft to the touch, it fits any body shape like a glove, though those with a physique to match this handsome garment will be delighted with how it compliments their bumps and grooves.

Emblazoned with a vintage-style KRONK logo with a nod to their Detroit roots, this, like all KRONK gear, brings to mind the myriad stars that operated out of the famous gym back in its 80’s heyday.


The t-shirt – unlike so many on the market – oozes quality that you can feel. Made from 95 per cent cotton, with incorporated spandex, it allows for ease of movement whether you’re putting your pedal to the metal in the gym, jogging in the park, or just stumbling back from the pub.

Another feature that sets it apart from other gym-wear is the built-in ‘bio-wash’ material, which fends off sweaty odours which are an inevitable result of going hard in the gym.

But wherever you wear this tee, and because of its stylish design and iconic branding, it is at home pretty much everywhere, you’ll feel slick and sharp.

Available now for just £19.99, in the full range of sizes, and from a special range of KRONK sports-fit t-shirts. Check out the range and order yours now at