POLISH heavyweight Adam Kownacki remained unbeaten as he unanimously outpointed Chris Arreola at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Saturday (August 3).

Scores were 118-110 and 117-111 twice.

Arreola is 38 years old and far past his prime. But Kownacki said, “Chris is an Aztec warrior.

“He’s a great fighter. I knew it would be a tough fight and I prepared for it.”

“I thought it was a good close fight but I knew I pulled it out,” he added. “I landed a lot of shots and that was enough to win. That’s all that matters.

“I tried to follow up when I had him hurt but I was throwing two punches instead of three or four.

“We’ll see what the future holds. Hopefully next year I’ll get the title shot.

“Props to Arreola because he proved he could still hang. I’m sure the fans would want to see him again.”

Arreola however will consider retiring. “Retirement is something I need to talk to my family and team about,” he said. “I gave it my all this fight. I let it all hang out. After breaking my hand, I kept fighting because I believed I could win.”

“Adam is relentless,” Arreola continued. “He just keeps coming. I know I got him with some good punches and he got me with some good ones. I was more than ready to go all 12, but Adam came in and won the fight.”

Jean Pascal upset Marcus Browne when he won a technical decision over the local man after a clash of heads brought an end to their contest in eight rounds.

“I was winning the round. I dropped him three times. It was a close fight, but I believe I was winning,” Pascal declared.