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Kevin Mitchell’s training day

Former world title challenger Mitchell shares an insight into what a training day can involve

KEVIN MITCHELL, who hopes to challenge for the WBC lightweight title after January’s victory over Daniel Estrada, gave us an insight into what he might do in a given training day during his preparations for a fight. “The other day we did 15 five-minute rounds – circuit training with bags, punching, padwork – with a 30-second breather. In the morning we did a six-mile run, before that we’ve done sprints with a sledge tied behind us. You sprint up the hill with 40 kilos. Six of them, about 200-metre sprints, with the sledge it probably takes us about two-and-a-half minutes, it’s on gravel, mud, it was hard. Then we ran six miles,” he said.
“We had a sleep in the office in a sleeping room. Then a two-hour break and then we’re back in and did 15 [rounds], then groundwork, a strength circuit, all sorts.”

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