Fitness | Training | Apr 13 2016

Kettlebell training for boxers – is it safe?

Moritz Klatten considers what science and experience have to say about kettlebell training for boxers
kettlebell training for boxers

KETTLEBELLS are some of today’s hottest equipment in physical fitness training and athletic conditioning. Proponents claim that kettlebells can increase power, strength, and endurance, and can even help you reduce fat. With all that bang for your buck, pairing kettlebell training with the sport of boxing seems like a perfect match. Maybe, maybe not. Let’s look beyond the hype.

Kettlebells are available in many styles and types of material, but the basic design consists of a U-shaped handle attached to a single round weight. The early kettlebells looked like cannonballs, and the handles were extremely thick so they could be anchored securely to the weight. In contrast, a dumbbell has two weights attached to a single handle.

The advantage of having a handle attached far from the center of mass of the bell is that it makes it easy to perform numerous swinging movements, such as kettlebell swings. Yes, swings can be performed with dumbbells, but they are easier with a kettlebell. The U-shaped handle also enables the user to perform many release exercises; not surprisingly, kettlebells are popular with throwers in track and field events such as discus and hammer throw.


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