SO here we are, it’s Easter weekend, a time when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Now we are not about to proclaim The Goff the second coming – he is also far too humble to assume such a mantle – but there are undeniable similarities; top strength and conditioning coach Cameron Goff – AKA The Goff – is a humble hero who only wants to help his fellow man, and he can work miracles, albeit of a strictly S&C variety. With this in mind, the Goff gives you an Easter gift and it’ll do you a lot more good than a chocolate egg. Did you hear that, fatty, wipe the smears off your gob and get down the gym. The Goff has created a full body workout to use in between camps to keep fit and maintain strength or to form building blocks as you begin camp.

NB: Super-sets are when you complete all the reps of two separate exercises before resting. A circuit is when you do all the reps of every exercise before resting. For the exercises involving a load, aim for 60 per cent bodyweight minimum, except the dumbbell step-ups, which can involve a much lighter load.

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1) Tempo lifts – designed to develop the size and endurance of slow-twitch muscle fibres. 3-5 sets per exercise (complete all of 1a before starting 1b etc), 10-12reps, 2-2-0 tempo (two seconds down, two seconds up), 60-90 seconds’ rest

1a) Back squats
1b) Bench rows
1c) Press-ups

Squats: Line the bar up in the rack so you can quarter-squat underneath it. Line the barbell up on the very top of your back (not your neck). Once comfortable, grip the barbell with your hands, which should be above your shoulders. Perform a quarter-squat as you take the bar off the rack and take a step back. Sit down into a squat position whilst maintaining posture (knees pointed out and not going further forward than your toes, bum back, back straight, chest high). Then push back up to the starting position, starting from your heels.

Rows: Set a bench to a 45-degree incline; you may need to put a box underneath the bench to raise it up a little higher if the bench is not high enough. Line the barbell up underneath the bench and parallel with your chest. Lie down on the bench with your chest down. Your arms should now fall down to the floor, directly below your shoulders, to where your barbell is. Take the barbell in a pronated (overhand) grip and start pulling the barbell into your chest. Then slowly (two seconds) go back to your starting position.

Press-ups: Face the floor, keep your hands shoulder-width apart touching the floor, your wrists directly underneath your shoulders, elbows in tight to your body, back and legs in a straight line behind you. Allow your chest to move down towards the floor whilst maintaining a good posture and keep your elbows tight to your body. Your chest should hit the floor before anything else, then push back up to the starting position.

2) Super-set – 4 super-sets, 60 seconds’ rest

2a) Dumbbell step-ups, 12 reps (6 each leg)
2b) Chin-ups, 5 reps

Step-ups: Set up a box around knee-height. Grab two dumbbells and hold them in each hand at the sides of your body, arms extended. Use one leg to step up onto the box then fully extend your body. Do all six reps then six with the other leg.

Chin-ups: Using a supinated (underhand) grip, fully extend your arms and hang from the chin-up bar. Start lifting your body to the bar. Keep your legs straight and fully extended, no swinging. Pull with your arms and back and get your chin over the bar. Then drop back to the starting position.

3) Super-set – 3 super-sets, 60 seconds’ rest

3a) Disc/medicine ball Russian twist, 20 reps (10 each side)
3b) Hanging knee raises, 12 reps

Twists: Sit on the mat with knees bent. Grip the ball or disc at chest height. Have a slight lean back and raise your legs off the floor six inches, still bent. Once set, start to rotate your body and touch the ball or disc down on one side first then bring it back to the middle and repeat on the other side.

Raises: Grip a pull-up bar and hang fully extended. Now start to drive your knees towards your chest, keeping your arms and back straight. Once they are pulled up to your chest, drop them back down without swinging and repeat.

4) Conditioning circuit, 5 sets, 30-second reps, 60 seconds’ rest thirsty seconds per exercise rest 60s

4a) Box jumps
4b) Battle ropes alternating slams
4c) Sled or shuttle sprints

Jumps: Build a box around knee-height or a bit bigger. Sit into a quarter-squat position then start to drive up onto the box. Once completed, fully stand up on the box.

Slams: Sit down into your hips, grab your battle ropes – one in each hand – and get slapping them ‘through’ the floor.

Sprints: Set out a 20m runway. If you have access to a sled, load it with 5 per cent bodyweight or not at all and sprint with it. If not, simply sprint to the 20m marker and back continuously.

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