Fitness | Training | Mar 25 2016

Keep fit – the Goff’s Workout of the Week

Cameron Goff sets out a full body workout that can help a fighter keep fit between training camps or at the start of a camp
SSC  |  Radu Palicica/JP Boxing

SO here we are, it’s Easter weekend, a time when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Now we are not about to proclaim The Goff the second coming – he is also far too humble to assume such a mantle – but there are undeniable similarities; top strength and conditioning coach Cameron Goff – AKA The Goff – is a humble hero who only wants to help his fellow man, and he can work miracles, albeit of a strictly S&C variety. With this in mind, the Goff gives you an Easter gift and it’ll do you a lot more good than a chocolate egg. Did you hear that, fatty, wipe the smears off your gob and get down the gym. The Goff has created a full body workout to use in between camps to keep fit and maintain strength or to form building blocks as you begin camp.

NB: Super-sets are when you complete all the reps of two separate exercises before resting. A circuit is when you do all the reps of every exercise before resting. For the exercises involving a load, aim for 60 per cent bodyweight minimum, except the dumbbell step-ups, which can involve a much lighter load.

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