Issue | Premium | Preview | Nov 11 2019

Kash Farooq vs. Lee McGregor is domestic bliss

A fascinating Scottish derby between domestic champions Kash Farooq and Lee McGregor is about as good as it gets, writes Paul Wheeler

IT was eight-and-a-half years ago that James DeGale and George Groves faced off in their heavily anticipated domestic grudge match. DeGale was a 10-0 British champion at the time, while fellow London super-middleweight Groves was a 12-0 Commonwealth titlist. This Saturday (November 16) at Glasgow’s Emirates Arena, a bout takes place that brings to mind the DeGale-Groves clash, although without the bitter enmity between the protagonists.

Kash Farooq is a 13-0 British champion, while fellow Scottish bantamweight Lee McGregor is a 7-0 Commonwealth titlist. It is unfortunately rare for two highly regarded fighters to put their titles and unbeaten records on the line against one another at such an early stage in their careers. DeGale and Groves managed to do it, and thankfully, Farooq and McGregor will do the same on this weekend’s MTK show, live on iFL TV (UK) and ESPN+ (US).

Ever since Farooq and McGregor collected their respective belts last autumn, the pair have seemingly been on a collision course. Prior to the announcement of the contest around 10 weeks ago, boxing fans all across the UK, but especially in Scotland, had been calling for the talented twosome to collide in the ring. Even the boxers themselves had been vocal in demanding that the fight be made. It is to the credit of everyone involved that this quality matchup is actually happening.