Julio Cesar Chavez brother killed in Mexico

Julio Cesar Chavez
Chris Farina/Top Rank
Julio Cesar Chavez outraged with brother's killling demands greater security for Mexico

THE brother of Julio Cesar Chavez, one of Mexico’s greatest boxers, Rafael Chavez was killed in his home in Mexico.

According to authorities two men entered his house in Culiacan on Sunday night and were carrying out a robbery at gunpoint. Reportedly when Chavez resisted he was shot.

Boxing Scene reports that Chavez said, “There has been a lack of security in Culiacán and not just in Culiacán… this is happening throughout the Mexican Republic and I think we must unite, all Mexicans, to fight against this, to support each other because it seems that there is no government.”

He continued, “The increase of murders, uprisings are increasing. Today it was my brother, maybe tomorrow it will be me. I am very outraged.”

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