Feature | Aug 31 2017

Joshua Buatsi reveals help from Lennox Lewis

Joshua Buatsi has enlisted some special assistance ahead of his second professional fight
Joshua Buatsi
Joshua Buatsi & Carlos Mena Press Conference  |  Action Images

OLYMPIC bronze medallist Joshua Buatsi will have just the second contest of his professional career on Friday (September 1) at York Hall. While he is expected to handle Frenchman Baptiste Castegnaro with aplomb the Croydon man has been preparing diligently.

“Three threes training was nice. It was in and out. This time you’re spending a longer time in the gym. It’s good work because we’re preparing for the 12 rounds. That’s the championship rounds and I want to be a champion so I’m preparing for those rounds,” he told Boxing News.

“Whenever I walk into the gym I always treat myself as a novice because I’m willing and I’m ready to learn. I don’t walk in as an Olympic medallist or a ‘Mr. Know It All’. I go in the gym as a novice and I’m ready to soak it all up. Soak up anything I’m going to be taught. If someone’s teaching something in the gym or someone has an opinion about something I like to listen to it because I can filter it out with what’s going to work and what isn’t going to work for myself.


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