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How Josh Warrington became a real people’s champion

'The stories will become folk tales, my dreams have become their dreams and we’ve all lived it together. That’s what it’s about.' Josh Warrington speaks to John Evans
Josh Warrington
Action Images/Reuters/Ed Sykes

“I CAN play I Predict a Riot too, you know,” Josh Warrington says as he picks away at his guitar. “I just struggle a bit with the chorus.” And with that, the IBF featherweight champion launches into an instantly recognisable version of the song that has become his trademark.

The Kaiser Chiefs’ anthem brings an end to an impromptu living room concert featuring a perfectly passable tour through the Oasis back catalogue. 

“For my debut I walked out to a Benny Benassi Remix of that Red Hot Chilli Peppers track Otherside but I think the CD was scratched so it started part way through,” Warrington told Boxing News. “My second fight was on one of Steve Wood’s ‘Jolly Boys’ Christmas shows and my Dad [and trainer, Sean O’Hagan] said I needed to come out to Ebeneezer Goode by The Shamen because they all used to rave to it back in the day. If I’m honest, it didn’t really get much of an ovation.


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