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Josh Taylor: ‘I must have cleaned his lungs straight out’

Josh Taylor
Mark Runnacles/Getty Images
Fighting behind closed doors was an eerie experience but now I want Jose Ramirez, says Josh Taylor

IT was a good shot that knocked Apinun Khongsong out. I felt it sinking in straight away, I felt it go through my arm and I think I’ve put his rib cage out his back. I’ve definitely caved his rib cage in. I knew that’s what he does in the clinch, he always swings off the clinch so I thought I’d go under the hook. I knew it was a good shot but I didn’t know to the extent until I seen him lying on the floor. It must have just cleaned his lungs straight out, he folded like a sack of potatoes.

I think he came out straight away and threw a heavy one too so I knew he was heavy handed. That kind of woke me up, it made me less eager and more patient but the first opportunity I took it.

I was expecting to knock him out but I didn’t think it would be that quick. I did have a wee dream about it the other night, coming out and knocking him out in the first round and I actually have. I was expecting a tougher fight. If I didn’t catch him with that shot then he is going to be a danger himself with that power he has.

Fighting behind closed doors was a very eerie experience. It was a different kind of unforgettable experience. It was very weird, I thought I was gearing up for a spar. But I had my head right. I hope there’s not too many of them. In every way it was different from the night I fought Regis Prograis.

Now I want Jose Ramirez. I don’t think it’s too complicated. Everything is in house. We are both with Top Rank so it makes it pretty easy to work out.

I do understand that Jack Catterall is the WBO mandatory and he has been waiting for a long time but obviously, personally and selfishly, I want to be the one fighting Ramirez next and taking his belts. If Catterall gets his shot then he gets his shot. If everything is right I will fight anybody. Catterall is a great fighter. A fight for the undisputed belts, Scotland against England, the old enemy. That would be a massive fight. Of course I’d like that.

Josh Taylor

I think Ramirez has already got doubts about fighting me. From what they’ve said in their interviews they are talking a lot of nonsense and I know they are worried, I know they are shook.

I know for a fact that their arsehole is twitching like a rabbit’s nose. I’m ready to go, I’m not afraid of anyone. I’m ready to fight him or anyone. If his manager was that game with his fighter, he would have ended up in the WBSS tournament. To me, it’s as simple as that.

Is Ramirez himself afraid? No, I don’t think he is afraid but his manager and team having faith in him is a different story.

I’d love the fight to take place in Scotland in the middle of summer, Edinburgh Castle or Easter Road where Hibs play or, if not there, my second home – the Hydro in Glasgow. I love it to be in Scotland but if not I don’t care because I’ve got massive dreams of fighting in the US on a big show as well. Let’s just make the fight happen.

For now, I’ll chill out for a few days. I will be back in the gym at the end of next week. I’ve been away a long time for this training camp so I will spend some time with my family. I will take a week off, relax, and I will be back down to London the week after.

I would like to fight again before the end of the year. I want to stay active. Obviously the big fight takes some more time to make. Whatever happens, I will be back in the gym working hard, working with Ben and making our relationship stronger. 

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