John Joe Nevin looking to catch up Oscar Valdez

John Joe Nevin
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John Joe Nevin beat Oscar Valdez in the Olympics. He tells John Dennen that he wants to make up for lost ground in the pros

What your fight on March 9, against Alex Torres Rynn, like?

He was awkward. He boxed at the Commonwealth Games in 2010 for Canada, reaching the last eight. He boxed in the World championships.

It was awkward. He made it difficult for me. It was a step up to eight rounds.

Do you know when you’ll be fighting next?

They’re looking at June 23 and there might be one before that. I’m going to London to train with Jim McDonnell. So I get some sparring off Reece Bellotti. There’s top sparring there.

Are there any particular fights you’re looking for this year?

Whatever comes our way. Oscar Valdez you saw him beat Scott Quigg on Saturday night, I beat him as an amateur in the Olympic Games. Seeing him a world champion now and in top fights like that. The likes of them guys and putting on shows.

What do you think of how Valdez has been doing as a pro?

His style was always made for the pros. He was always going to be a world champion and do well. I’d love to be in with someone like him. To share the ring with him as an amateur was an honour and now to get the chance to fight him as pro I would do.

You must feel you’re ready to step up?

I’ve had a stop-start career as a pro, getting injuries and then other stuff. So I’m starting to build some momentum now and we’re ready to go. We’re going to have a big year this year hopefully. 10-0, I’m not far off where I want to be. There are some big fights for me, this side of the pond and over in the States.

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