Bunce Diaries | Issue | Premium | Feb 10 2020

John Fury looks to get some cash back from his son’s old enemy, David Haye

In this week's Bunce Diaries John Fury challenges David Haye to a bet, Joe Joyce challenges Daniel Dubois to a fight, and a mother gets the most unlikely sporting dream
John Fury
John and Tyson Fury

BIG John Fury had some fine diamond jewellery, a black shirt they could not replace and a look of real mischief in his eye long before the first of two roundtables last week.

Gypsy John was and remains a hard man, a bare-knuckle relic from a time of meaningful straighteners in that business and he also made 13 appearances under rules and with gloves as a boxer in the late eighties and nineties. He shared a gym under Billy Graham’s Phoenix banner in Manchester with a teenage Ricky Hatton, preparing on heavy bags for a fight on one side or another of the business. He had a scrapyard and dogs that would eat a small car if you parked it in the wrong place.

He beat Michael Murray, he lost to Henry Akinwande and in 1995 he walked away from the formal side of the boxing game. He was there for Tyson’s amateur and early professional career. He took a hiatus in 2011 and has missed a few fights since. He praises and criticises in seemingly equal balance, his love for his son, is never questioned.